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Discover PRISCAVera

PRISCAVera was founded in 2015 by Prisca Vera Franchetti in New York City. Characterized by impeccable quality, PRISCAVera speaks to a feminine that embraces human dualities and dives into the absurdities of contemporary life with a defiant sense of freedom and humor.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

Italian heritage 

Craftsmanship and silhouettes rooted in Franchetti's Italian upbringing form the backbone from which she experiments and shapes her witty designs.

Employing bold prints developed by the designer herself and always at the cutting edge of color and fabric, PRISCAVera strikes a balance of its own between the classic and futuristic.

The Art of the Unique

Celebrating Individuality

Youthful does not necessarily mean young, just like feminine does not just mean female. Rather, the brand aims to develop a unique dialogue with its customer/wearer, allowing for personal interpretation and individual style. With an image that locates the brand within downtown New York's lifestyle and aesthetic, it maintains a universal appeal thanks to PRISCAVera's genuine aspiration for an idyllic form of approachability.